Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Popcorn Stop are true believers in that. We are a healthy choice in daily snacking and nutrition. Below are frequently asked questions that we have encountered over the past 15+ years. 

What are our top six sellers? Yellow Cheese, Caramel, Cheese-caramel mix (Cowboy Mix), Butter, Movie Theater Butter, and Dill Pickle.

What are the serving sizes per bag (servings are based on 3 cups of popped popcorn, tiny bag size)?

Tiny Bag = 1 Serving

Junior Bag = 2 Servings

Small Bag = 3 Servings

Regular Bag = 4.3 Servings

Medium Bag = 9 Servings

Large Bag = 14 Servings

X-Large Bag = 37 Servings

Party Size Bag = 92 Servings (butter flavor offered online for pickup only)

Can you mix flavors?

Yes, two flavors only with equal or lesser value. (e.g. you can mix cheese with vanilla for a total of two flavors) An example of what's not allowed ((e.g. paid for cheese and requested chocolate popcorn in the mix)... The entire order will be canceled if the mix is incorrect). Please request your 2nd popcorn flavor at checkout in the special instructions section. The above scenario applies for popcorn tins also.

How fresh will our products remain?

Our popcorn is popped fresh continuously, is perishable, and we use non-GMO kernels. Candied coated popcorn has a longer shelf-life and we make as needed.

Bags purchased with twist-ties can remain fresh for about 2-3 weeks. Our candied popcorn, or caramel-based popcorn, have a 6-week optimal shelf life. While our soft/cheese popcorn has a 2-week optimal shelf life.

Heat-sealed popcorn bags can remain fresh for 1 month without opening and stored in a cool, dry place, like a pantry.

Orders with chocolate coated popcorn, please be advised we cannot guarantee that chocolate will not melt in transit during summer months.

Google is an excellent reference on popcorn shelf life.

Are the cheddar flavors made with real cheese? Yes.

What flavors are gluten-free? All flavors except for the ones listed below.

What flavors contain gluten? Cookies & Cream (made with Oreos®), S’mores, Chow, and Banana Pudding.

What flavors are dairy free? Butter, Kettle Corn, Churro, and all candied coated flavors except for popcorn coated with/includes caramel.

How are our kernels popped? Our products are oil-popped with pure coconut or corn oil.

Do we offer bulk wholesale popcorn pricing? No, only retail pricing.

Do we offer private or custom labels? No.

Do we offer popcorn bags without our labels? No.

Are nuts/tree nuts used? Our products are produced in a facility in which tree nuts have encountered equipment.

How long do large or bulk orders take?  Any questions regarding large or bulk orders, please use the methods below to contact us.

Do we set up or sell products outside of our shop? No. We can pop for any size venues including, weddings, church events, corporate events, parties, fundraisers… and more.

Do we have nutrition facts? No. Please use Google as a reference, our product ingredients are similar to all of the competitors.

Does Popcorn Stop have a donations program?

We review all donation requests on a quarterly basis during the first week of each quarter. This typically falls in the first week of January, April, July, and October. Requests submitted during the middle of the quarter will be reviewed with the following quarter’s requests. 

If Still something unanswered? Reach out to our customer support team either via the form below, call us at 817-784-1300 or email popcornstop@gmail.com.

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